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Drone Production

Drone imagery offers incredible new points of view that add a dimension and interest to your advertising, social media and promotional campaigns. For industry, on-site drone imagery can save money, improve safety and provide site management tools that keep projects moving. Today with a drone, our experienced drone pilots can move anywhere in 3D space to capture unique perspectives and amazing drone video and photographic images.

Drone photos and aerial videos are generating huge returns-on-investment by delivering high-impact visual content from never-before-seen perspectives. Our FAA Part 107 Certified Pilots capture aerial images indoors and out, day or night, navigating tight turns, confined spaces and dynamic heights to capture 4K cinema video for exceptionally beautiful and awesomely cool images.

Providing Solutions For

Aerial Imagery

Modern Media Solutions’ drone production module serves two market areas:

  • Commercial Imagery Services for business marketing, promotional, aerial imagery and video production.
  • Constructive Imagery Services for Industry, providing specialized imagery for manufacturing, construction, planning and inspection.

Commercial Drone Services

Our commercial drone and video module gives business more ways to generate revenue by incorporating aerial imagery that captures and holds the audience’s attention. Take your clients on an overhead tour of your property, provide a “behind the scenes” look with a fly though of your production line or capture products being used in their intended environment for a more authentic presentation. Our commercial drone services provide you with the aerial imagery that allows you to break though and dream big with:

  • Marketing Videos
  • Promotional Imagery
  • Advertising Content
  • Virtual Tours
  • B-Roll
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Lifestyle Imagery
  • Landscape Imagery
  • Action Sport Videos
  • Sight Overview Imagery
  • Dynamic Motion Imagery
  • Landmark, Tourist Attraction Imagery
  • Overflight Property Tours

Constructive Drone Services

Our constructive aerial services are based around data imagery and used for Building Management, Construction, Manufacturing and Trades. This functional aerial imagery allows jobsite managers, architects, investors and other stakeholders to verify accuracy, inspect, monitor progress and activities on the jobsite or with equipment. Companies embracing drone technology are obtaining precise visual data faster and cheaper throughout the building process by reducing survey time and manpower, while increasing safety, boosting efficiency, inspecting assets faster and eliminating disputes over the status of a project. Our industrial drone services include:

  • Photogrammetry
  • Pre-Site Planning/Survey
  • Workplace Safety
  • Volumetrics
  • As-Designed/As Build
  • Site Progress Monitoring
  • Asset Inspection and Maintenance
  • Post-Site Imagery
  • Corners and Boundaries
  • Risk and Compliance
  • 3D Site Scans

Integrating dynamic, sweeping, high-quality dramatic drone photography and video will separate you in today’s marketplace.


Aerial Production Workflow

Managing drone video and photography services require resources from many different skill sets. At Modern Media Solutions we manage this process by breaking the production process into three main sections. We then assign specific modules to each task within the section, allowing us to keep your production on schedule and moving forward.


This is the planning stage. We work with you to identify the goals and expectations of the project, strategize the process, develop a flight plan, determine timelines, required resources and establish the budget.

Task Include:

  • Budget / Scope
  • Site Analysts
  • Project Timeline
  • Flight Limitations
  • FAA Wavers Required
  • Weather Forecast
  • Scheduling up the Flight Team
  • Identifying Equipment Needs


This is the process of capturing the photography and video elements.

Task Include:

  • Location Review
  • Flight Zone Setup
  • Flight Safety Meeting
  • Airel Equipment Setup/Test
  • Final Pilot Go/No-Go
  • Recording Action
  • Capturing B-roll

Post Production

Your projects moves to the assembly process. All the raw materials and components are edited together to form your completed photography or video project.

Task Include:

  • Logging the Footage
  • Graphics
  • Video Effects
  • Video Editing
  • Color Grading
  • Reviews / Approvals
  • Final Delivery

Because We've Been Asked...

Answers to Your Drone Questions

Pricing for drone imagery depends on type of images captured and the complexity required to acquire the images. This includes type of drone equipment used, crew resources needed, location, flight environment and flight authorizations required. With the images acquired, additional cost for post-production will be similar to other post-production processes.

As a minimum, a local project with basic flight requirements capturing standard aerial video with an FAA certified pilot starts at $695.00. More complex image acquisition or post-production processing would incur additional costs is based on the resources required. Before beginning your project, we will review the objectives and identify the resources needed, providing you with a fair and accurate estimate of your project.
To fly for commercial purposes in US Airspace a drone pilot must obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA. This certificate is referred to as the “Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate” and is the FAA's UAS pilot certification that demonstrates an understanding the regulations, operating requirements and procedures for safely flying drones in US Airspace. Part 107 drone pilots are also required to operate only registered aircraft.

If you hire a drone pilot who doesn’t hold an FAA Part 107 certificate, is operating unregistered aircraft or is operating outside the Part 107 guidelines, this could open you up to fines from the FAA as the business that hires the pilot can be fined in addition to the pilot. Avoid creating any problems between your business and the FAA or local law enforcement and always work with a pilot that holds the proper certification.

All of Modern Media Solutions’ pilots hold a current FAA Part 107 Certificate.
Yes. Our standard recording is at 4K or higher to achieve quality video. Most video assets are delivered in a High-Definition format as it is the standard in today's marketplace. By recording at the higher quality 4k resolution we have the additional data that allows us to provide you noticeably more detail in the image when converted to High-Definition.
The Pilot of the drone or "Pilot in Charge" will make the decision on all go/no go assessments, flights and flight zone activities during the entire time of flight activity. The Pilot may adjust a flight plan, cancel or end a flight at any time before, up to or during a flight for safety or other reasons. Conditions that may lead to a cancellation or adjustment include: weather, mechanical issues, site obstructions, flight restrictions, safety concerns or any other condition or situation that the Pilot believes may affect the mission. If a flight is cancelled, it will be rescheduled as quickly as possible to maintain the project production timeline.
Unmanned aircraft have specific flight rules that are defined by the FAA for commercial activities. There are no-fly zones, altitude limitations, clearance from local control agencies, wavers for special flight operations, rules for flight over people, night flights and other activities.

Prior to a flight being scheduled, an initial review of the planned flight zone will be conducted to see if a flight may take place in the area. If clearance or wavers are required, these will be obtained prior to any flights being scheduled. Please note that some wavers can take up to 60 days to receive.

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