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Modern Media Solutions is a Media-On-Demand (MOD) production company producing Functional Media—media that serves a purpose in the areas of:

    Commercial Media to grow your business, and
    Constructive Media to gain insight that helps you make better business decisions.

Media production has traditionally been complex and time-consuming. We have modernized the process by developing specialized Media-On-Demand (MOD) Modules. Each MOD Module is designed to simplify the production of your content, so your project is produced quickly and efficiently—delivering the data you need to make better decisions and the creative content that energizes your audience.

Modern Media Solutions' MOD Modules include:

Based in Kenmore, Washington, we serve companies around the Pacific Northwest producing commercial and constructive media content for the Technology, Manufacturing, Construction, Transportation, Agricultural and Outdoor industries. This includes safety and training media, product demonstration videos, podcasts, product and location photography, commercials, custom logoed products, branded safety gear, orthomosaic imagery, site progress reproting, stockpile calcuations, sight inspection and much more.

Effectively communicating in today’s marketplace means moving to a modern media solution that can effectively integrate dynamic imagery, audio and branding into one complete package. Now, with the advent of MOD Modules it is easier than ever to acquire the media you need to gain valuable insight or capture attention of the customers, employees and audiences critical to your success.

Media on Demand (MOD) Modules: Video Production, Done Imagery, Audio Engineering, Commercial Photography, Commercial Graphics / Design, Promotional Products.

Our Media Production Process

Identify Objectives 

We start at the end, identifying your objectives and goals. We collect ideas and analyze the data to determine the project, scope and budget.

Creative Development

We explore what's possible, develop a plan, establish the direction and secure the required resources. Your project is coming together.


The components of your project are acquired and production begins, assembling your project to meet the specifications and objectives.


Your completed project is delivered with the results being measured against established objectives and goals.

Modern Media Solutions for Your Business

MOD Modules We Offer

Modern Media Solutions is a Media-On-Demand (MOD) production company that utilizes a “module approach” to transform your ideas into responsive content that helps you boost business. As a media service company with production capabilities in multiple mediums our business is designed to make it easy for you to develop and deliver congruent communication across multiple platforms.

Your production will fall into one of two business media categories. Each utilize the same production resources, but each is approached in its own unique way. This specialized knowledge is how Modern Media Solutions produces and delivers unparallel creativity, targeted strategic insight and flawless execution that energizes and amplifies your message to the people who matter most to your success.

Business Media We Produce

Commercial Media – Media created to captivate and engage your audience so they will take action.
This type of media is used to market, promote and motivate with the purpose of generating revenue.

Constructive Media - Media crated as practical content to serve a function in your business.
This type of media is produced to educate, train, gain actionable insight, demonstrate and provide data for better decision making.

When you combine our six MOD Modules and experience in producing commercial and constructive content, you can see how Modern Media Solutions has the flexibility and resources to create the media you need so you can sell more products, educate customers, connect with audiences and so much more.

Media-On-Demand Modules

Video Editing & Production

Video is the contemporary currency of social engagement and commercial success in today’s marketplace. When it is time to engage, video continues to be the most captive type of content people consume.

Podcast and Audio Engineering

Quality audio production takes you on a journey. Your audio is more than voices, music or effects. It’s a soundtrack designed and mixed to reinforce your message, resonating with your audience to create an experience that breaks through.

Business Photography

Product, lifestyle and business photography creates an emotional appeal that tells the story of your brand. Break though with compelling product and business photography by our professional photographers that capture the essence of your brand.

Business Graphics / Design

Graphics and layout design are all-encompassing and should flow naturally from one medium to another. Our rich commercial graphic experience keeps your imagery, design and layout congruent and message strong, enabling you to connect with those most critical to your success.

Promotional Products

Custom logoed merchandise is the medium that allows you to personally connect with your audience and build relations that can last for years. Effective promotional merchandise can boost sales, motivate employees, incentivize dealers, recognize achievement, enhancing brand awareness and status.

Drone Video & Photography

Add impressive done imagery to your business marketing or discover the benefits of job-site efficiency by embracing drone technology. Our FAA Certified drone pilots will capture dynamic aerial imagery from unique angles and vantages that elevate your project to levels that allow you to break though and dream big.

Because We've Been Asked...

Answers to Your Questions

This is hard to pinpoint until the project specifications have been established. Producing creative content requires many resources that include people, equipment, skills and time. This combination of resources, or your specific “Module Mix” determines the cost of the project. Before beginning your project, we will review the objectives and identify the resources needed, providing you with a fair and accurate estimate for your project.
Our specialty is in Commercial and Constructive media production. We don’t do weddings, personal or civic events. We focus on businesses and their needs—ensuring the media produced and delivered is effective for the intended purpose and with the intended audience. With this, our projects generally fall into one of two categories:

Media created to generate revenue, motivate audiences, demonstrate or communicate.

This includes: Marketing, Advertising, Promotional, On-Demand Content, Packaging Design/Imagery, Presentations, Product Video/Demonstrations, Pitch Videos, Production B-Roll, In-house Stock Library Imagery, Product Lifestyle Imagery, Social Media Productions, Online Presentations, Testimonials/Interviews, Recruitment Videos, Video Blogs/Podcasts

Functional media created to train, gain insight, explain or provide data for your business.

This includes: Training Videos, Education Materials, Site Reporting/Progress/Monitoring, Aerial Mapping, Progress Report Imagery, Site Safety, Asset Inspection, Photogrammery, Pre/Post Site Inspections, 3D Site Scanning, Manufacturing Process Overview

This is what we do and we do it really well.
U.S. copyright law identifies the owner of creative content as the individual who created the content. If the creator is an employee of a company, the company is recognized as the owner of the copyright. As such, Modern Media Solutions (the company that created the content) is the recognized copyright owner of content created through our services. This can include, but is not limited to: illustrations, photographs, graphics, video content, audio recordings or proprietary materials.

The copyright law states that copyrighted content used for commercial or promotional purposes regardless of the subject, subject matter or recorded content can be licensed to avoid an infringement claim.

As all works are considered copyrighted at the time of creation, Modern Media Solutions is the recognized copyright holder of the content it creates. Therefore, Modern Media Solutions licenses all copyrighted content for its intended commercial use. This licensing gives you the ability to use copyrighted materials as assigned for commercial purposes. Without the licensing, you would be limited in the use of the content.
Halo Branded Solutions is the largest supplier of branded merchandise in the U.S. Yet, they do not have any inventory. Instead, Halo processes the orders, partnering with account reps to work with you, the buyer of the items.

Halo develops the factory relationships, ensures product safety test are performed, provides back-office support and handles the billing. This partnership allows us to focus on you and meeting your needs without being locked into specific suppliers. You get unbiased recommendations while having access to top quality merchandise so you can make the best decisions for your business.
No. Our partnership with HALO reduces your cost as pricing is based on their volume pricing structure. Halo is the largest company in the branded merchandise industry with annual sales over three-quarters of a billion dollars providing logo branded items to companies that include Disney, Starbucks, T-Mobile, Wawa and others.

Modern Media Solutions partners with HALO so you get all the advantages offered while adding nothing to the costs. Our compensation is paid to us by HALO. All billing and payments for branded merchandise is done though HALO so there are no additional markups or billing from us for branded merchandise purchases. The only time you would receive an invoice from Modern Media Solutions is if your project required additional resources like graphic design, or other services that HALO does not provide.
We know a secret or two as much of our work is proprietary. Request for producing confidential content continues to be a primary service area for Modern Media Solutions. Working with manufacturers, law enforcement, high profile organizations and new product development we are often exposed to sensitive information and trade secrets. This information is kept confidential and if necessary, implement limited access procedures to further protect your information.

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